H2O Float Spa was founded by Jack Ouzounian and Shelley Stertz in 2013 after a serendipitous out of country vacation where they stumbled across an early version of the Float Spa concept. They saw the opportunity to begin Toronto’s first float spa and completed the entire business plan before returning from vacation. From there, things moved very quickly and ever since that first opening day in October of 2013 they have never looked back.

What Jack and Shelley have crafted is a spa experience that not only serves as a point of relaxation and therapy, but also a place of peace and serenity. H2O Float Spa is used by everyone from creative types to analytical minds, basically anyone who is looking for a healing, meditative and/or mind-expanding experience. The reach and benefits of the H2O Float Spa experience are virtually endless.

Shelley shares an incredible joy and passion for her customers and their experience. It almost brings her to tears as she reminisces about some of her favourite moments, “It is a very powerful and gratifying feeling. We had no idea our spa would take on this type of life and provide such amazing benefits to our customers and friends.” This is equally balanced by Jack who knows intimately the health benefits of a float spa experience, “As a personal trainer I could only train and heal one person at a time. With a float spa, we can have thousands of people come through and then go back out into the world feeling good. That is an incredibly rewarding feeling.”


Together they are working toward building Toronto’s most inclusive, luxury float spa experience.


H2O Float Spa

138 Danforth Ave, Toronto, ON, M4K 1N1

H2O Float Studio

25 Mill St, Toronto, ON M5A 3R6




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